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  • Webinar: A Chronic Problem (12/7/2016) — Cultivation of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes is a growing source of energy consumption and carbon emissions, but several barriers prevent the industry from investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Because marijuana cultivation and sale remains federally illegal, solutions will need to come from multiple players, including electric utilities, the public utility commissions that regulate them, state and local governments, and marijuana business associations. EQ Research’s report, A Chronic Problem: The Energy Costs and Climate Impacts of Marijuana Cultivation, is designed to promote collaboration among these entities in support of more efficient, greener energy use in the marijuana industry. Join Kelly Crandall, Senior Rates & Research Analyst of EQ Research, and Vote Solar to discuss the results of this study.
  • Webinar: The Cannabis Industry’s Energy Challenge (11/30/2016) — The cannabis industry is an extremely energy-intensive business, requiring massive amounts of energy for lighting, venting, and dehumidifiers essential for indoor-growing facilities. In 2012, one study found that legal indoor marijuana growing facilities accounted for 1% of national electricity use at a cost of roughly $6 billion per year, rivaling energy consumption of data centers. For more information and to sign up for the webcast, visit EUCI.