• I manage high-stakes, technical projects, like the integration of three consultants’ software tools to create a 20-year financial model that projected the costs to form a municipal electric utility for the City of Boulder (learn more).
  • I create models to answer questions about the future–for example, developing rate forecasts for two utilities on behalf of a confidential renewable industry client, and designing a series of carbon intensity forecasts for climate action planning scenarios.
  • I identify and advocate for effective solutions to public policy challenges. I worked with a coalition to develop rules that require Colorado utilities to provide the state’s first standardized annual energy reports to cities and counties (learn more and read my post). I’ve provided expert testimony in Colorado and Hawaii, focusing on data access, energy efficiency programs, and rate design. I wrote a white paper analyzing the challenges that the marijuana industry faces in using clean, renewable energy.
  • I help stakeholders communicate to meet stretch goals, such as those in the City of Lakewood’s Sustainability Plan (learn more).
  • I pursue my passions with deep enthusiasm, connecting brilliant women through Women in Sustainable Energy and writing an honor’s thesis in history that led to a BBC radio interview (learn more).