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Is Marijuana Causing Global Warming?

In some areas, marijuana cultivation makes up 1 per cent of electricity use. A new report found the energy cost of growing marijuana is ‘immense.’ Banks are reluctant to do business with growers as it is a federal offence. This means they are spending more on electricity than they could be. (Published 10/6/2016, Daily Mail)

The Marijuana Boom Is Contributing to the Climate Crisis

As nine states prepare to vote on legalizing pot, a new study predicts energy consumption by indoor cannabis farms will soon rival that of data centers. (Published 10/5/2016, Take Part)

Marijuana Grow Ops Could Soon Rival Data Center Energy Use

Forget about electric vehicles; pot is driving new energy peaks in the states where it is legal. (Published 9/27/2016, GTM)

Solar, Efficiency Can Help Mitigate Energy Use From Marijuana Cultivation

EQ Research has released a report looking at intense energy use in the booming U.S. marijuana industry, and means to control GHG emissions. (Published 9/22/2016, PV Magazine)

Fitch Warns Utilities: Retail Net Metering Could Damage Your Creditworthiness

As residential solar grows, net metering policies that credit excess energy exported to the grid at the retail rate could damage the creditworthiness of investor-owned utilities, according to Fitch Ratings. (Published 7/21/2016, Utility Dive)

Judge: Boulder Late in Releasing Utility Data, But City Can Withhold Software

Boulder met its obligations under the Colorado Open Records Act with the release Monday evening of a financial spreadsheet of utility data, but the city should have made that information public sooner, Boulder District Judge Judith LaBuda ruled Tuesday. (Published 1/6/2015, Daily Camera)

Boulder Seeks to Alleviate Xcel’s Solar, Energy Efficiency Concerns

Should Boulder follow through with plans to create a municipal utility, the city is willing to transfer renewable energy credits from pre-existing solar contracts to Xcel Energy and assume the utility’s solar garden contracts within Boulder. (Published 6/13/2014, Daily Camera)