~switch 10: The Millennial Regulator

Conversations about the utility of the future inevitably revolve around disruptive technologies and new business models. But there's another factor that is an undercurrent to all these conversations: the evolving workforce. What will happen to energy utilities, and utility regulation, as Millennials enter the field? Yesterday I had the fortune to give a presentation on … Continue reading ~switch 10: The Millennial Regulator

Who Speaks at Commissions?

This blog comes with a thesis: that increasing the diversity of participation in energy regulation will ultimately improve how energy is regulated. In one of my first posts, I looked at the gender distribution of public utility commissions (PUCs). Now I have another question: what's the gender distribution of those who give the evidence at … Continue reading Who Speaks at Commissions?

How to Learn Cost of Service (If You Don’t Work at a Utility)

Read Bonbright; pet kitty; repeat. There are about 8,300 public utility commission staff at 50 states plus D.C. There are around 400,000 jobs in electric generation, transmission, and distribution, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (NAICS 2211). But not everyone engaged in energy issues comes from those traditional avenues. Changing environmental and social forces … Continue reading How to Learn Cost of Service (If You Don’t Work at a Utility)

The Aggregated Challenges of Regulating Energy Usage Data

This post debuted on GTM Squared and is cross-posted from EQ Research. A daily stream of articles and thought pieces trumpet the promise of big data and analytics to transform the utility industry. A 2015 report, Knowledge is Power: How Improved Energy Data Access Can Bolster Clean Energy Technologies and Save Money, laid out a … Continue reading The Aggregated Challenges of Regulating Energy Usage Data

“When There Are Nine”

The Institute of Public Utilities (IPU) at Michigan State University maintains a set of data that I had very much been hoping someone was on top of: a spreadsheet providing the demographics of all regulators at public utility commissions since their inception! You can download it here, and the 2016 report is here. IPU will … Continue reading “When There Are Nine”